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by Michelle

Sofa beds are the perfect solution for overnight guests and have a great selection to choose from. If like so many of us, your living space is at a premium, we think the best kind of sofa bed is one that does a great job as a standard sofa and that actually looks very sofa like, so you’d never know that hidden behind it’s discreet facade is a super comfortable bed with a full mattress.

Time then to introduce you to Felix, a comfy and contemporary sofa bed from It’s a great sofa for smaller set-ups and guest rooms, thanks to the pullout mattress.

It comes in Shetland blue and Shetland slate so it should fit your colour scheme beautifully. 


The Felix sofa boasts clean lines and a sophisticated design, so you can introduce a touch of sleek-Nordic style to your home.

As you know, we love a good colour pop and we think that both the blue and the slate colours work wonderfully well with Scandi-chic cushions and throws.

made essential felix SOFA 1

This Scandi inspired vibe will take you through the seasons effortlessly.

made essential felix SOFA 2

Then without compromising on style or comfort, you have the secret surprise of knowing that a good night’s sleep for your guests is only moments away.

made essential felix SOFA 3


The Comfort of a Foam mattress

The comfortable foam mattress sleeps two, so it’s perfect for when you have guests, planned or otherwise! The only downside is you might have a job to get rid of them.


And here are the all important dimensions:

Height 78 cm, Width 159cm, Depth 85cm The mattress dimensions are 180 x 112 x 6 cm  (LWD)

So have a quick measure of your space, decide which colour is most ‘you’ and head on over to’s site to seal the deal.

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