Spice Up Your Space With The English Spice Garden

by Michelle

Spice up your space and grow your own flowers, herbs and spices with the help of The English Spice Garden. You can find them on Etsy and they have a lovely range of products from hanging shelves incorporating pots to grow your own kits. All perfect for greening up your space.

Hanging Shelves With Pots

Such an innovative idea, these stylish and modern hanging shelves come with their own pots for cultivating your plants.Hanging Shelf Pots 1

Hang them in your kitchen, living room or anywhere you choose and they will bring the outside inside while you watch your plants grow. Hanging Shelf Pots Kitchen Herb Garden 1You have a choice  of shelf widths, wood finishes  …. Hanging Shelf Pots Kitchen Herb Garden 3And you can choose from a single shelf hanging shelf, or if you have room for it, a four shelf unit like this, which would be amazing for the seriously green fingered. We love it.

The pots are designed to hold herbs or houseplants. Simply pop them into the pots and the job is done. Watering is easy and swapping a tired plant for a new one takes just seconds. The pots have no drainage holes so there are no annoying drips! Hanging Shelf Pots Kitchen Herb Garden 2

Hanging Shelves 

You can also buy The English Spice Garden’s hanging shelves in a traditional flat shelf format for storing and displaying all your precious delights from books to ornaments, and yes, even more plants if you wish.Tripple Hanging Shelf 2

All the shelves are made from sustainable sourced timber and sturdy braided rope. They are neatly finished, stained in your choice of colour and arrive assembled.

Quad Hanging Shelf 1 The height and spacing of the shelves can be adjusted to suit your specific needs, such a thoughtful touch. Quad Hanging Shelf 2

Grow Your Own Kits

If you’re wondering what to grow in your pots, no worries, as The English Spice Garden has this covered too with their grow your own plant kits. There’s a great range and each kit has everything you need to grow gorgeous plants from seed. Grow Your Own Chilli Peppers 2

From the grow your own pizza garden kit, which we think the kids will love …Grow Your Own Pizza Garden 1

to bright sunflowers

Grow Your Own Sunflower Kit

If like us, you love your chillies, then you must try these

Grow Your Own Chilli Peppers 1And we really like the sound of the curry garden kit. Grow Your Own Curry Garden 1

And finally, the windowsill garden kit is another great one for the kids with super speedy results. The kit contains four great varieties of quick-growing, tasty microgreens with flavours from mild and crunchy to sweet to spicy.  There are crayons for labelling and decorating the pots, garden puzzles and even a  sprinkler top to make your own windowsill watering bottle.

Windowsill Childrens Garden 1

We hope you love The English Spice Garden’s shelves and grow kits as much as we do and you can see so much over in their Etsy store.

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