Pow Pots – Cool Plant Pots For Plant Lovers

by Michelle

Pow Pots create super stylish plant pots for your favourite plants. They’re a great way to add a pop of uplifting colour to your home and they’d add a lovely outdoorsy feel to your home office space.

Pow Pots 17

Pow Pots really are one of a kind plant pots, individually hand painted in the UK featuring Scandi inspired graphic designs in vibrant feel good colours. They’ve also just launched their concrete collection which is perfect for plant lovers, or plant parents as we like to call them who are looking for pots with an uber chic industrial edge.Pow Pots 3

As these concrete pots are smaller then the main collection, why not buy yourself a couple or so, pop your best plants in and use them as part of an eye catching display at your venue? The larger pots could of course be used in this way too. And you get to keep them after your big day. Sounds like a win win situation to us.

Pow Pots 2

Pow Pots are versatile too. You can even use the Scandi collection pots inside or out to make a contemporary standout statement in all kinds of spaces from an urban balcony to a roaming country garden. They’re such a great way to flaunt your foliage no matter how compact your space, we’re sure you’ll find a pot or two to fit.Pow Pots 16

We think they look especially awesome when you mix and match a couple of colours and designs. And if you have something specific in mind, Pow Pots also offer a bespoke service.

You know how much we love colour, so it was difficult to pick out just a few designs to show you as everything is gorgeous, but here goes and take a look at these stunners.Pow Pots 1Pow Pots 8Pow Pots 9Pow Pots 10Pow Pots 15Pow Pots 14Pow Pots 12Pow Pots 11

Source for all images: Pow Pots

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