Lovely Unique Lights From Lumina of London on Etsy

by Michelle

Lumina of London have a beautiful range of innovative and exciting lights for you to use indoors and outside. They really do add a personal touch to your space and are perfect for making your home feel super cosy.

Many of the lights are available as mains or battery powered too, so you can easily move them around to suit your mood.

We honestly do love all the lights at Lumina, but we’ve been strict with ourselves and just chosen our absolute favourites to share with you here, so scroll on down and see what you think.

Confetti Lights

From your home office or living room, to your bedroom or your kitchen diner, these lights are so pretty and versatile, they’d look amazing anywhere in your home.

Confetti Lights 1 Confetti Lights 2 Confetti Lights 3

Azure Light Chain

This beautiful azure blue string of lights is so pretty, combining a mixture of stones, beads and sequins.

Azure Light Chain 1Azure Light Chain 2

Folklore Circle Light

These Folklore circle lights are so funky and are available in 2 different sizes. The smaller size has 108 warm white LEDs and is battery powered.

The larger size has 144 warm white LEDs and can be mains or battery powered.

Folklore Circle Light 3

Folklore Circle Light 2Folklore Circle Light 1

Coco Cluster Lights

If you’re looking for a string of stunning lights in neutral tones that are anything but bland, then these coco cluster string lights are perfect. They’ll look equally delightful in casual chic settings as they will draped over something more formal like this piano below.

Coco Cluster String Lights 1 Coco Cluster String Lights 3

Folklore String Lights

This delightful string version of folklore lights can be draped where you wish to create a colourful yet delicate glow.

Folklore Lights 1 Folklore Lights 2

Cabana Chic String Lights

It’s not often that you find red string lights that aren’t Christmassy. These Cubana chic string lights are so joyful, and quite heavily beaded with a wonderful boho luxe vibe, way and the perfect way of introducing ruby tones into your lighting in a fresh contemporary way.

Cabana Chic String Lights 1 Cabana Chic String Lights 2

Pom Pom Lights

These mains powered pom pom lights comprise of 200 warm white LEDs. You can have real fun with these, string them above a table or wind them around a favourite piece of furniture. Just lovely.

Pom Pom Lights 1 Pom Pom Lights 2

They also come in a multi -coloured option to add a pop of colour to your space.

Pom Pom Lights 3

Starburst Chain Lights

These Starburst Chains are again available in either a mains or battery operated option and they’d also look equally effective draped around a mirror or anything you fancy.

Starburst Chain Lights 3

Equally, they look so atmospheric when laid in a line like this.Starburst Chain Lights 4Or why not make a garland out of them? Whatever you choose, these special lights will look just fab.Starburst Chain Lights

Teardrop String Lights

And aren’t these Teardrop lights just the most delicate thing? There are four colours to choose from again, in mains or battery powered for added flexibility. Our favourite colours are the peach ….

Teardrop String Lights 2And the green.Teardrop String Lights 4

Hearts Light Chain

We absolutely love the make you smile style of this hearts light chain. Again it’s another lovely colourfully illuminated chain of lights that will enhance and living space and colour scheme. Adding a whimsical touch to a nursery or a jewel coloured glow to richly painted walls.

Hearts Light Chain 2 Hearts Light Chain 1

We hope you love Lumina of London’s lights as much as we do and you can see so much over in their Etsy store.

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