Hand Painted Tealight Holders, Mason Jars & More From Emma Em Studios Via Etsy

by Michelle

We adore these hand painted tealight holders By Emma Em Studios. They’ll add an inexpensive colour pop to any room and we love how they all compliment one another.

Hand painted glass tealight holder 2

Now more than ever, we’re all looking to give our homes a cosy uplifting feel and these tealight holders will add warmth any vibrance wherever you place them.

Jewel Colours Henna Inspired Mason Lights 2

You can buy most of them individually and either stick with one colour palette or opt for a jewel coloured rainbow theme and have several in different colours to really lift your mood.

The tealight holders and mason jars can be used inside and out as the mood takes you adding to their versatility.

Hand painted glass tealight holder 1

Let’s take a closer look ….

Hand Painted Glass Tea Light Holders

We love these mandala inspired tea light holders ….

Mandala Glass Tealight Holder 2

And these lotus painted ones, such stunning jewel tones.

Lotus Hand Painted Tealight Holders 2

And these cascade patterned ones are beautiful.

Cascade Glass Tealight Holder 3

Some of the tealight holders are also available with lids which are great for storing small bits & bobs. You could either opt for the same colourway or choose one or two different colours to match in with your colour scheme.

Jewel Coloured Henna Patterned Tealight Holder 3

Set of 3 Green Tealught Holders 1

Hand Painted Mason Jars

These hand painted mason jars look especially fabulous when grouped together.

Hand Painted Mandala Inspired 1

Lids are included with your jar so you can use them for storage to. And just look at the dazzling choice of colours you can choose from.Handpainted Mandella Inspired Mason Jars 1

These jars look fabulous with candles or battery operated LED lights in them, making them perfect for winding down and relaxing in the evening at home.

Hand Painted Mandala Inspired 3

And you can see how beautiful they look with even the most simple flower arrangements. Handpainted Mandella Inspited Mason Lights Blue Hues 1

Rainbow Rope Bowls

These cute little rope bowls are completely  handmade from 100% cotton rope, which is hand formed into a bowl shape on a sewing machine using cotton thread. The bowls are then dip dyed by hand to create the ombre effect and then more stitching is added for some stylish definition at the top.rainbow Small Cotton Rope Bowls 4

Such a great mini storage solution. Which colour would you choose?rainbow Small Cotton Rope Bowls 2

We hope you love  this gorgeous glassware as much as we do and you can see so much over in Emma Em Studios’ Etsy store.

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