Fun & Funky Wall Art By The Tiny Island Studio on Etsy

by Michelle

If you’re looking to give your home a quick refresh then wall art is a quick and really impactful way update things. And we absolutely love these unique, funky colour pop  prints by The Tiny Island Studio via Etsy and we know you will too.

Bowie Leopard Print Cheetah Hot Pink 1

All of  The Tiny Island Studio’s prints are professionally produced Giclee prints… this ensures that your print will never degrade or yellow over time and allows a better longevity. They’re available in a range of sizes from A5 to A2 and some can be purchased as a digital download for you to print yourself at home.

David Bowie Inspired Leopard Print  Cheetah

We Love this Bowie inspired leopard print which is available with a hot pink background like this and also a minty green option.

Bowie Leopard Print Cheetah Hot Pink 2

Leopard Print Cheetah

We love this full version of a leopard print cheetah so much that I’m going to order one for home, probably with the hot pink background like the one below, but the other colour options are all amazing too …..

Leopard Print Cheetah Pink Wall Size

From blush pink ….

Leopard Print Cheetah Blush Square

To purple …..

Leopard Print Cheetah Purple Wall

And we love how the black background really makes the pink pop.

Leopard Print Cheetah Black Square

Feel Good Club

How could you not feel good with this Feel Good Club typography poster on your wall?

Feel Good Club 2

Dalmatian Spot Hey Art Print

Hey what a print. The dalmatian spot background sets the soft pink letting off perfectly.

Dalmation Spot HEY print

Jungle Toucan Abstract Print

Super bright and fun, we think this print would look fabulous anywhere you want a cheery pop of jungle vibrance.

Jungle Tucan Print 2 Square

Leopard Print Cheetah Jungle Print

We really can’t get enough of  of this cute leopard print cheetah, this time, he’s chilling in the jungle.

Cheetah Print 1

Three Leopards Print

And if one cheetah isn’t enough, you have three cuties in this print.

Leopard Print Cheetah 3 Together

Tropical Lady Art Print

Surrounded by on trend Monstera leaves, this tropical lady print just radiates summer vibes.

Tropical Lady Square

Tropical Leaves Colourful Abstract Print

Tropical Leaves in our favourite colour combo, what’s not to love?

Tropical Leaves 3

Zebra Print

Can a Zebra change it’s stripes? Yes it can in these prints. It’s your choice, mustard stripes on a blush background ….

Zebra Print Mustard Square

Or how about this showstopper, hot pink and red on a mint background, which really pops.

Zebra Print Bright Square

Set of 5 Quirky Art Prints

And finally, if you’re looking to create a miniature feature gallery, take a look at these 5 quirky art prints. You could frame them individually, or pop them in a frame with multiple display sections. Either way, they’d look amazing.

5 Quirky Art Prints

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