Stunning Fire Pits From Logi Fire Pits

by Michelle

It’s such a pleasure today to showcase these truly stunning handmade decorative fire pits from Logi Fire Pits on Etsy. Having a fire pit in your garden will ensure you can enjoy the outdoors for longer when the sun goes in and who doesn’t enjoy sitting and looking at an open fire?

These firepits look like works of outdoor art as they’re so wonderfully detailed, but the real magic happens once you light your fire inside. Once lit and all aglow, the firepits cast the most delightful and enchanting shadows that will captivate you long into the evening.Fantasy 2

The designs that Logi make are absolutely enchanting and we’ll take a closer look at some of our favourites in just a moment. They not only look good, but practical and safety elements have been addressed to and they come with a built in ash-pan, the base includes fixing holes for added security and stability, and they have a protective weather and heat resistant coating. There’s also plenty of space built into their designs to add your logs.Once Upon a Time 5

We love all the designs, and you can even have a bespoke design made up, so come and take a look at some of our favourites now to fire your imagination.

Once Upon a Time Fire Pit

The once upon a time fire pit design is inspired by childhood stories. In this design you can find all of your favourite characters.

On the top of fire pit you can see Beatrix hard at work with her easel and paints. Surrounding these characters are plants and flowers from Lake District. An area that inspired Beatrix Potter during her early years.

Once Upon a Time 4 Once Upon a Time 2 Once Upon a Time 1

Four Elements Fire Pit

This four elements pit is design to portray Earth, water, air and fire. Many still believe these are also human elements. Fire represents strength and life force. Air represents intelligence and creativity. Water represents emotion and Earth represents stability, potential and fertility.

In this design these four elements are showcased in a highly detailed yet subtle way. And of course, they cast the most beautiful shadows once lit.Four Elements 1Four Elements 2

Fantasy Design Fire Pit

This dreamlike fantasy design fire pit is based on a bespoke design and features fantasy wire fairies dancing with Dandelions and so much more all a charming woodland scene.

Fantasy 3Fantasy 1

Equestrian Fire bowl

A fire bowl designed to appeal to horse lovers everywhere. Horses of different breeds and ages adorn this beautiful fire bowl. The high definition design depicts such fine details as the wind blowing through the horse’s mane as they run.

The fire bowl sits on sturdy legs that fully complements the equestrian design. This fire pit would make a wonderful centrepiece in any garden.

Equestrian 1

Equestrian 2

Alice in Wonderland Firepit

And finally such a fabulously detailed Alice in Wonderland inspired firepit, capturing the famous characters such as Alice, the Mad hatter, Cheshire Cat, Caterpillar, March Hare and Queen of Hearts.

Alice in Wonderland 1 Alice in Wonderland 2You can checkout the full Logi Fire Pits’ collection on their Etsy shop.

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