Colour Pop Mexican Paper Bunting From Mexican Decorations

by Michelle

Colour pop Mexican Paper Bunting, or papel picardo to give it it’s correct name can instantly give your home and garden a vibrant, uplifting fiesta feel. So today, we’re super pleased to share some of our favourites from Mexican Decorations via Etsy.Cinco de Mayo Papel Picardo Banner 1

Papel picardo literally translates to mean perforated or pecked paper. It has it’s origins in traditional Mexican folk art where coloured paper, usually fine tissue, is cut into beautiful elaborate designs.Coral Wedding Decorations 1

We love it and it’s such a fab way of adding a pop of colour and fun and we think it looks equally good in kid’s bedrooms, home offices and anywhere where you want to add some bright cheer to your space. Take a look at more of our favourites below.

Traditional Paper Bunting

These garlands are easy to hang and will give you an instant colour boost.

Cinco de Mayo Papel Picardo Banner 2

Pink Paper Bunting

This Pink Fiesta Papel Picado features five different hues of pink tissue paper and is inspired by the fabulously pretty flamingos in the Yucatan, southern Mexico. With 5 different pretty geometrical designs repeated twice along the string.

Coral Wedding Decorations 2

Pink Papel Picado Fiesta Bunting 3 Pink Papel Picado Fiesta Bunting 2

Mini Day of the Dead Bunting

The banners are adorned with different Mexican Day of the Dead inspired designs in different vibrant colours.

Mini Dayof the Dead Bunting 1Mini Dayof the Dead Bunting 2

Waterproof Pom Pom Garlands

In addition to their gorgeous paper banners, Mexican Decorations also sell these cute pom pom garlands which are practical as well as fun as they’re waterproof.

Hang them inside or out  and if they get wet, just shake them a little and they will pop back to their former glory. Just the thing for brightening a shady corner.

Pom Pom Garland 5 Pack MainPom Pom Garland 5 Pack 2

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