Delicious & Fun Chocolate Treats From Bloc O Choc via Etsy

by Michelle

We know you’re always looking for thoughtful and fun treats which is why we’re so pleased to share our latest Etsy find with you in the form of Bloc O Choc. They specialise in creating melt-in-the-mouth milk chocolate slabs of the finest Belgian chocolate covered in the most decadent combinations of your favourite well known chocolates. It such a great idea as a special treat for yourself or as a deliciously fun gift.

Bloc O Choc also have the most amazing giant chocolate numbers that you can personalise with your choice of chocolate toppings. These would make such a thoughtful and funky alternative to a traditional birthday or celebration cake, especially for chocolate lovers!Giant Choc Numbers

Take a look at some of our favourite blocs which are available in different sizes and can be sent direct to the lucky recipient.

Caramac Milk Chocolate Slab

A melt-in-the-mouth milk chocolate slab covered in Caramac, Maltesers & chocolate buttons. An extremely more-ish chocolate slab!! Each bite is fully loaded with toppings on a slab of 100% finest Belgian chocolate.


Caramel Dairy Milk and Rolo Chocolate Slab.

A perfectly smooth caramel milk chocolate slab, using the nation’s favourite Dairy Milk Caramel bar, yummy caramel Rolos and if that wasn’t enough, it’s also drizzled in luxurious caramel.

Caramel 2

Terrys Chocolate Orange Slab

A smooth milk chocolate slab patterned with bursts of zesty Orange tang. This moreish slab contains Terrys chocolate orange segments, orange smarties and tasty orange crystals!

Chocolate Orange

Crunchie Covered Belgium Milk Chocolate Slab

A delicious milk chocolate slab covered in chunky, golden honeycomb pieces of crunchy bar and mouth-watering Maltesers. Finished with tasty chocolate buttons.

Crunchie 1

Giant Chocolate Covered Numbers

These giant chocolate numbers are a real showstopper. Each number is fully loaded with your choice of toppings. And they are huge, serving up to 16 people. The perfect birthday or special celebration treat and a really unique alternative to a cake.

Giant Choc Numbers 1

Kinder Milk Chocolate Slab

A melt-in-the-mouth milk chocolate slab covered in Kinder Bueno bars, Hippos and kinder sticks. Each bite promises creamy hazelnut, smooth chocolate and crispy wafer.


Mars Bar Covered Belgium Milk Chocolate Slab

Fully loaded milk chocolate slab with Mars nougat, drizzled with caramel, mouth-watering Maltesers and tasty chocolate buttons.


Personalised Chocolate Slab

A melt-in-the-mouth chocolate slab covered in your choice of toppings. The perfect personalised gift!

Personalised Bar

Toblerone Milk Chocolate Slab

A milk chocolate slab for Toblerone lovers. A delicious milk chocolate slab, covered in the original Toblerone! Also covered in tasty chocolate buttons and Maltesers


We hope you like all Bloc O Choc’s chocolate slabs as much as we do and you can see more of their delicious treats over in their Etsy Store

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